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Growing Pains – a Message From the Boss

Dear Loyal Listeners,

As you probably know, there have been interruptions in hearing The Breeze during the past couple of weeks. And you can blame it on improvements that will make your Easy Listening experience even better! (once we get the kinks worked out!)

The Sea Breeze

First, we have launched another Easy Listening format called the Sea Breeze. It is an all vocal format featuring the best Easy Listening artists of all time. You can sample the sounds from our Listen Live page.

Higher Quality Sound

Second, we’re giving you more options when it comes to the quality of our sound. We are working with a new company to provide you with these choices:

  • The Breeze and The Sea Breeze are streaming at a higher rate (128kb) to give you a better quality sound – perfect for your desktop or office listening system.
  • The Breeze64 and The SeaBreeze64 are streaming at a little lower rate (64kb) to help you save bandwidth on your mobile devices.

The choice is yours!

And since we’re now using a new company for our broadcasts, you will need to make sure that your bookmarks still work.

If you’re listening to us on a continuing basis, you’ll need to visit our Listen Live page, and choose one of the options there.

If you run into problems, just contact us and we’ll get you up and running.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we make these changes to better serve you!

John Meyer

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